Heated Car Seats

Heated Car Seats

Along with our superior automotive leather interiors,we also supply and install heated seats, throughout the UK.Our heated seats can be fitted to any vehicle,and any interior.
Do you dislike the feeling of sitting on cold seats?
If you have ever had a vehicle with factory fitted heated seats, it’s one of the first things you miss when the new car doesn’t have them. Even if you’ve never had them they are an amazing addition to any vehicle.

Heated Car Seats are one of the most popular features of modern cars.  But unlike air-conditioning and parking sensors not many vehicles come fitted with heated seats as standard.  What might surprise you is just how cost-effective it can be to retro-fit heated seats to your vehicle.

  • Improve comfort on cold mornings and winter days
  • Increase the value of your vehicle
  • Installed to original factory fitted quality
  • Cost-effective and fitted with minimal disruption
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